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Dr Richard Swann, Shodan



Name: Richard Swann


When and where did you start karate? Started in my teens at a non-traditional club. Enjoyed the exercise but found it lacked something. Stayed for a couple of years and graded a few belts.

After my son started at Tower Shukokai his mum suggested I should look into it. Introduced myself to Martyn at a school fair and soon started training under him and Sensei Andy. And I have enjoyed every session since.


Grading record: Took my time getting my Dan grade.


Competition honours: I have dabbled a bit on the competitive scene.


Favourite aspects of karate: Karate is a sport to be enjoyed on so many levels each with its own attraction. It appeals as a both a physical and intellectual pursuit. Anaerobic/aerobic exertion with flexibility and strength routines push the body whilst the learning and analysis of kata exercises the grey matter. Also you meet great people.


Favourite technique: The mae geri (front kick) is an often overlooked but effective tool.


Favourite book/ author: I read A LOT. Fiction like Tolkien, Pratchett or various “hard” science fiction. Historical stuff – especially ancient history (e.g. Tom Holland and Harry Sidebottom).


Desert Island Disc: Moving Pictures by Rush


Favourite film: Life of Brian


Other external interests: Like my cycling and running. Also spend too much on miniature painting.




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