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Katie Keppie, Shodan. Lead Welfare & Safeguarding Officer

DOB 05/04/68
When and where did you start karate? 2005, Darwen Leisure Centre
Why did you start karate? Ellie wanted to do Karate and I had to train with her
First instructor? Andy Allwood
First started teaching? 2010 at Edgworth
Relevant experiences? not much, just chipping away at it
Biggest influences? Andy, Lorraine, Matt and Martyn
Competition honours? Tower Shukokai Club Championships 2012: !st Ladies' Kumite, Runner Up, Ladies' kata. And I once came third in a gymkhana.
Other qualifications? I got a green belt in judo as a teenager
Favourite technique(s) / aspects of karate? gyaks, throws and arm locks
Favourite food? pasta
Favourite book / author? Lord of the Rings
Desert Island disc? Rainy night in Soho by the Pogues
Favourite film/ movie genre/ director? Addam's Family or Sci-fi

Other external interests? reading, walking, nature



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