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Training Times, Prices and Location

Edgworth School, Bolton Rd, Edgworth, Bolton, BL7 0AH


7:30-9:00PM (Seniors & Juniors)

The last Wednesday in the month is KUMITE NIGHT. Sparring, focus mitts and sparring skills and drills. Bring your mitts. Non-members welcome


9:30-10:30AM General children's class (Novice to purple belt)

10:30-12:00 Advanced class (Adults & older children all grades, and children of purple belt and above)


Fees from 3rd Jan 2017. Monthly fees 



1 session / week

2 sessions / week

Pay per session





Adults £25.00 £42.50 £6.90
Annual Licence FeeFreeFree£15.00


  Grading Fee
 Belt Certificate
 8th 4th kyu (Yellow-Purple) Free (continuous assessment) Free £5
 3rd - 1st kyu (Brown) Adults £20. Children £15 Free £5
 Black Belt £60 Upon Application £25

Private lessons (Excluding hire of venue)  £20 for 1 hour. £25 for 90 minutes:


Cheques payable to M Skipper. See Martyn if you wish to pay electronically or by PayPal.

Lesson Times

From Saturday Jan 7th the junior class will be from 9.30 to 10.30am


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