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Philip Wan, Sandan


DOB 20/03/1978
Started karate in 1989
Started karate for self defence and fitness
1st instructor Andy Allwood

Date of Shodan 30/5/2009, Andy Allwood, Martyn Skipper, Matt Rathmill

Date of Nidan 19/1/2013 Andy Allwood, Martyn Skipper, Ian Marsden

Date of Sandan 30th April 2022 (Tower Shukokai)
Relevant experiences Muay Thai boxing, Shukokai Karate
Biggest influences, Andy Allwood, Martyn Skipper, Tom Scott Shukokai karate, Master Sken Muay Thai boxing, Tony Wilis Muay thai boxing and Geoff Thompson British Combatives.
Favourite technique leading roudhouse kick or anything that gets in

Competition Honours:

2012 AMA North West Open: Runner Up Mens' Heavyweight Kumite

2013 AMA NW Open: Team Kumite Runner Up

2013 Kenyukai Open: Veterans Kata Champion

2013 European Championships: AMA Squad member, ind kumite, ind kata, team kumite

Favourtite food, Indian, Italian and Chinese
Favourite book Working with Warriors by Geoff Thompson
Favourite film. Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies
Other extenal interests. going to the gym, going out and socialising






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