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Legal and Compliance

Tower Shukokai is affiliated to the Amateur Martial Association (AMA) and, through them, English Karate and the World Union of Karatedo Federations (WUKF).

We are bound by their policies and practices, and by English Law.

As Members of the AMA we accept and adopt their Constitution, and various policies, such as: Child Protection; Data Protection, Whistle Blowing, Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety, and Duty of Care.

All these policies can be viewed or downloaded at

(for the time being this page will not hotlink directly to the above-mentioned documents, as the AMA website is being redesigned, but you can view them all by selecting the "links and downloads" tab or the "policies" at the foot of the AMAUK web page.)

We have recently made contact with the Disability Karate Federation 

They provide information, support, tuition and other resources to make karate available to the disabled community, and we support their work. We welcome membership from all - whatever your special needs or requirements.

Tower Shukokai is accredited by the Safeguarding Code. For Safeguarding and Welfare concerns, please contact Katie Keppie, our lead Safeguarding Officer on 07984 638101

 We adopt the CPSU photography policy and respect the images of all our members






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