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Ian Marsden, Sandan


DOB 10/09/65
When and where did you start karate? 1999.
Why did you start? I started for fitness and ended up loving it
First instructor? First time was with GKR in Leyland, then moved to Shotokan in Southport with Alan Hughes, then my training really took off. I've been training with Tower Shukokai since I moved to Darwen in 2004
Date of first dan? 30th May 09 (AMA / Tower Shukokai)
Date of second dan? 29th October 11 (AMA / Tower Shukokai)

Date of third dan? 30th April 2022 (Tower Shukokai)
Biggest influences? Alan & Peter in Southport initially, and Andy & Martyn for the complete technical and practical package
Favourite technique(s) / aspects of karate? All the close-in grappling, and game-ending nasty useful stuff; empi, pressure points etc. A never-ending source of interest
Favourite food? Steak
Favourite book? / author? Harry Sidebottom, Christian Cameron, Jack Ludlow, Terry Pratchett, Anthony Riches
Desert Island Disc? Highway to Hell, AC/DC (The Album)
Favourite film/ movie genre/ director? Sci-Fi or Roman / Greek, e.g. Clash of the Titans, 2001 A Space Oddessy
Other external interests? Motorcycles, Ancient history, Walking. My kids!

1st dan Goju Ryu under Tony Christian, Amanda Winstanley 16/4/16

 2nd dan Goju Ryu under Tony Christian, Amanda Winstanley 2018

3rd dan Goju Ryu under Tony Christian, Amanda Winstanley 04/12/2021


Feb 2018 Awarded AMA Instructor Certificate by Peter Allen, Vice President







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