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Lorraine Allwood, Nidan


DOB 22.8.71.
When and where did you start karate? September 1994 at my husband's club
Why did you start karate? To learn to defend myself after being assaulted
First instructor Andy Allwood
Date of 1st Dan & Examiner / Association 19.9.98 Dave Ritchie, Greg Francis; BTKA
Date of 2nd Dan & Examiner / Association 28.3.01 Andy Allwood; AMA
First started teaching 1998
Relevant experiences Various courses including: Ian Cole, Ticky Donovan, Keiji Tomiyama, Greg Francis, Steve Quinn, Helen Raye
Biggest influences My husband! Greg Francis, Helen Raye, Steve Quinn
Competition honours Many in Kumite and Kata
Other qualifications Colour technician and hairdresser; British Sign language and sign-supported English. Recently qualified CACDP Deaf Studies and Level 3 Sign Language
Favourite aspect of karate I enjoy kata most. Next goal is into weapons work
Favourite food Chinese, Italian
Favourite book / author Martina Cole, Jackie Collins
Desert Island Disc I listen to most music!
Favourite film / movie genre / director "Ghost" or any "Carry-On" film
Other external interests Used to be freelance artist / designer. Still do sketching when our young kids allow!

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