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Some Rules for Safe, Fun Training


These rules are not exhaustive. Common sense and sociable behaviour should prevail at all times. Although Karate is a fighting system, and at advanced levels entails some degree of risk, injury and accident can be avoided by observation of the below guidelines

  • Always show respect to the dojo (training area) and your seniors and peers with a bow (
  • Listen for instruction and always stop whatever you are doing IMMEDIATELY on the command "Yame" (stop)
  • Keep yourself and your equipment clean and tidy
  • Ensure cuts and other wounds are covered and finger / toenails are clean and trimmed
  • No jewellery to be worn during training - this applies to ALL sharp or hard metal or plastic objects: piercings; hair slides; watches, belt buckles etc.
  • Unless there is a good medical reason, always train in barefeet in the dojo - walk to the tatami (mat) in shoes & take them off before stepping on the mat, to avoid bringing outside debris into the training area
  • Try to train regularly. At least twice a week is recommended for a fair level of progress. Let the club know if you are unable to attend a session
  • Show due respect to seniors (sempai)
  • Do not interrupt a class by requesting e.g. a toilet break."Go" before you start. Brief drink breaks may be taken at the coach's invitation only
  • Other than water at designated time, no food, drink or chewing gum in the dojo please
  • Ensure your AMA licence is kept up to date - renew in plenty of time
  • Ensure the appropriate use of safety equipment during sparring
  • Do not use karate outside the dojo except in lawful defence of life or property

SEE ALSO OUR DIVERSITY STATEMENT. We encourage tolerance and cooperation at all levels.


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