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Andy Allwood, Godan

DOB 25.3.64
When and where did you start karate? May 1983 in Bolton
Why did you start karate? For fitness and self defence
First instructor Tom Scott (Now 7th Dan Shinji Ru)
Date of 1st Dan & Examiner / Association 25.4.87 Shinji-Ru Karate Association
Date of 2nd Dan & Examiner / Association 16.12.89 Shinji-Ru Karate Association
Date of 3rd Dan & Examiner / Association 17.10.93 BFASKO
Date of 4th Dan & Examiner / Association 10.9.98 BTKA
Date of 5th Dan & Examiner / Association 15.10.05 Peter Allen / AMA Technical Committee

First started teaching 1987 at Darwen Leisure Centre
Relevant experience Many including courses with Ticky Donovan, Bill Wallace, Alfie Lewis, Harry Cook, Gary Spiers, Greg Francis, Steve Quinn, Patrick McCarthy, Terry Wingrove, Ronnie Colwell, Rick Hotton, Iain Abernethy, Tony Christian, Wayne Otto, Terry Pottage, Charles Gidley, Simon Bligh, Paul Coleman, Simon Oliver & Bob Rhodes.
Biggest influences Tom Scott, Peter Allen (AMA Vice President)
Competition honours Many, including AMA North West Open Heavyweight Champion, BTKA Heavyweight Champion.

2012 WUKO European Championships; Bronze, Veterans' Kumite

2012 Oldham Open; Runner up, Veterans' Kumite

2012 UK Open; Bronze, Senior Kumite
Other qualifications First-Aider, CRB Cleared, AMA Club Coaching certificate
Any other relevant info Over 20 years in the security business
Desert Island Disc "Comfortably Numb", Pink Floyd; or "More than a Feeling", Boston
Favourite film/ movie genre/ director Many
Other external interests Cycling, History


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