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Kangeiko 2008

Hammer Time

Jake's Shinza

Andy Allwood, Chinto Kata

Knife Drill

Basic (Pinan) Kata by Martyn & Imogen

Pinan Nidan

Pinan Shodan

Pinan Sandan

Pinan Yondan

Pinan Godan


Shihozuki (plasticine animation)



Kata by former All Japan Kata Champion Masataka Oshita 

Bassai Dai

Matsukaze (some small footwork variations to our version)



Kangeiko 2012


AMA/ITKA NW Open 2012

Martyn vs Brian Hall of British Army (QuarterFinal)

Martyn vs Dave of SKSM Malta (Semi Final)

Martyn vs Dave Ward of Hasha, (Final)


WUKO European Champs 2012 

Martyn Skipper vs Basil Leeshue; Semifinal WUKO European Champs, Leigh 2012


Martyn at Ian McCranor's Gym in Indiana


TagPad... It's really not as easy as it looks...

Posted by Ian McCranor on Friday, 12 October 2012


Training drills posted during class moratorium caused by Covid-19 outbreak

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