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Freefighting Combinations

1A. Lead hand back fist (uraken uchi), reverse punch, sliding lead hand back fist. Swap stance repeat opposite .

1B. Reverse punch, lead hand back fist, slide in, reverse punch. Swap stance repeat opposite.

2. Half a step (with back leg) leading hand punch to the face. Half a step (with front leg) reverse punch. Swap stance then repeat opposite.

3. Reverse hand lunge punch to the face, reverse punch to the body. Repeat opposite.

4. Slide in lead hand punch, slide out lead hand fore-arm block, reverse hand spinning back fist. Repeat opposite.

5. Leading hand punch-swap stance at the same time. Back leg sweep, reverse punch to the body. Repeat opposite.

6. Back kick, same leg round-house kick, reverse punch to the body. Repeat opposite.

7. Reverse leg sweep and then round-house kick, kicking leg lands forward then reverse punch. Repeat opposite.

8. Leading hand punch, slide lead leg 45 degrees, at the same time punch to the opposite 45 degrees, reverse leg side kick along the same angle as the punch. Repeat opposite.

9. Lead leg hook kick (on the spot), lead hand back fist, reverse punch, swap stance and repeat.

10. Slide forward - reverse punch, slide back - inside leading hand block, reverse leg spinning hook kick, same leg drag/sweep, reverse punch down to the ground. Repeat opposite.

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