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Annual Kangeiko

Every year since 2009, on the first Sunday in January, we have climbed the 1200ft to the base of Darwen's Jubilee Tower to train barefoot. Kangeiko is about forging the spirit against the pressures of the elements. We welcome karateka from other clubs, and the event is growing year by year.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions a formal meeting was not possible in 2021. Click here to see how some individuals enjoyed the snow, or here for details of our spring training, or Harugeiko, which will go ahead provided COVID restrictions are lifted


Click here for some YouTube footage taken by local photographer, Andrew Helliwell, of our 2018 event



If you're coming on the Kangeiko for the first time, a few tips:

1) Wear an old gi you don't mind getting muddy

2) It's easiest to wear weatherproofs over the gi then just peel off the outer layers for keiko (training)

3) Boots / shoes are optional (or, put another way, barefoot training is not mandatory)

4) We will train whatever the weather

5) Bring a hot flask and a towel / blanket.

6) Bring a camera / video camera / phone - lots of photo opportunities.

Meet at the Sunnyhurst at 10 am. It's about a 20 minute walk from there up the hill to the tower. We normally train between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the weather conditons.

We'll walk back down the hill and convene in the Sunnyhurst for food and drink.

For families / kids who don't want to train, please come along for the walk and the social.

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2020 event

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