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Grading Results

Kuro Obi Shinza April 30 2022

On 30th April Phil Wan and Ian Marsden graded to sandan. On the same day James Barnett and Nige Carr passed 3rd kyu brown belt, and Dominic Shaw passed yellow belt. Congratulations to them all.

Promotion July 2019



Promotion Sept 2018

Congratulations to Angus McIver 1st Kyu, Jacob Savage 6th kyu and Joshua Ramwell-Dempsey and Ellis Scofield, 7th kyu

Promotion Nov 2015

Congratulations to Jake, Toby and Tom who were promoted to 6th kyu green belt on 14th November


Promotion Jan 2014

On January 18th 2014 Adrian Quinn was promoted to fifth kyu blue belt. Despite a few injury problems in the last year Adrian has battled through and he has proved a determined student. Congratulations.

More Grading Promotions 2013

On 19th Jan 2013 we held a brown / black belt grading test.

After a 3 1/2 hour test Sam Armstrong and  Imogen Skipper were promoted to 2nd kyu brown belt. Veteran Tower member Phil Wan was awarded 2nd dan black belt. Again, congratulations to all candidates

Grading Promotions 2013

12th Jan 2013 saw the first promotions of the new year. Congratulations to Thomas, 8th kyu, and to Abi, Amy, Angus, Ben and Sohia, all 6th kyu. On Monday 14th Jan, Adrian Quinn was promoted to Green belt, 6th kyu too.

Grading Promotions 2012

July 2012 Brown belt Shinza. L-R: Richard Swann, 2nd kyu; Imogen Skipper, 3rd kyu; Irvin Dickinson, 1st kyu. CONGRATULATIONS ALL.

The first promotions of the year took place on Monday January 9th. Congratulations to Imogen, blue belt; Molly, Orange belt; and Michael, yellow belt.

Grading Promotions 2011

November Promotions
Following the Club Championships the following promotions were made:
Yellow Belt, 8th kyu: Benjamin Breakspere; Abigail Kehoe; Amy Mc Dougall; Angus McIver; Sophia Pilkington; Charlotte Sheridan
Green Belt, 6th kyu: Imogen Skipper
Purple Belt, 4th kyu: Nick Collinson, Lydon Hulley.
Congratulations to all, and well done.


October 2011

Saturday October 29th saw a marathon senior-grade Shinza with candidates testing from 3rd kyu to second dan.

Andy & Martyn were delighted to report a 100% pass rate with: Sam Armstrong, Lewis Campbell-Smith, James Foggo and Richard Swann achieving brown belt third kyu; Irvin Dickinson gained 2nd kyu; Ben and Sam Comer were sucessful at junior shodan and Ian Marsden passed nidan.

Hearty congratulations to all.


On Monday October 17th, Imogen Skipper (pictured below) was awarded Orange Belt 7th Kyu by Andy Allwood







On Monday October 10th, Blake Quinn & Molly Nelligan (pictured below) were awarded their Yellow Belt 8th Kyu by Andy Allwood.

Well done both






Grading Promotions April 2011

Congratulations to Adrian Quinn (pictured) 

on achieving  yellow belt, 8th kyu, and Lydon Hulley, blue belt 5th Kyu










17th Aug 10 Congratulations to the following on their summer promotions:

Ben Comer, Sam Comer 1st  Kyu (Brown 3), Richard Swann 4th kyu (Purple)

Dave  Currie  6th Kyu (Green)

Irvin Dickinson Gets Brown Belt

Congratulations to Irvin on passing his third kyu at Edgworth on Monday May 3rd 2010

Grading Results 5th Dec 2009

In a marathon Shinza at Edgworth School, the following candidates were successful:

Dave Currie, orange belt 7th kyu

Jamie Currie, James Dady, Ryan McFarlane, brown belt 3rd kyu

Ben Comer, Sam Comer, Connor Pritchard, brown belt 2nd  kyu

Mike Pritchard Brown belt 1st kyu. Mike will be eligible to test for black belt in 12 months time.

Many congratulations to all for enduring an arduous test

Click on picture, left to view the slideshow


Grading Results 31 Oct 2009

Congratulations to Richard Swann, who passed a tough blue belt exam, and to Jake Waring with an excellent  effort, double grading from orange to blue. Click on the picture, right to see a slideshow of  some of the action.


On Saturday May 30th 09 a senior shinza was held at Edgworth School. In the three hour examination the following candidates were successful:

Sam Comer, Ben Comer, Connor Pritchard, Andrew French, 3rd kyu (Brown 1); Mick Pritchard, 2nd kyu (Brown 2).

In addition, Ian Marsden and Phil Wan passed their shodan test and are now entitled to wear the Black Belt. Congratulations to all of them.

On February 26th 2009. Jake Waring, Luke Allwood, Irvin Dickinson, and Ryan McFarlane tested and passed: 8th kyu yellow belt, 8th kyu yellow, 5th Kyu blue belt and 4th kyu purple respectively. Congratulations all. They are pictured below with Andy Allwood, Chief Instructor / examiner. Look out for the Brown / Black belt grading in May 09

On Saturday May 10th 2008 Tower Shukokai, Darwen’s oldest established karate club, held a grading examination at Edgworth School. The four hour test assessed the candidates not only for their technical ability, but also their physical endurance, and - so important in the martial arts- “spirit”. Examiners were Andy Allwood, 5th Dan Chief Instructor, and Martyn Skipper 4th Dan.
In an examination the adjudication panel described as “excellent all round” the following candidates were successful:
Six year old Adam Barlow gained yellow belt; Bolton GP Dr Richard Swann, and industrial fixings salesman Irvin Dickinson were awarded their orange belts; 11 year old Ryan McFarlane achieved green belt whilst 9 year old Connor Pritchard was awarded purple belt; Connor’s father Mike Pritchard earned his first brown belt whilst Andrew French, MD of local firm Alpha Tanks, gained purple belt.
Two candidates earned a third stripe to their brown belt and the grade of first “kyu”. As such, electronic retailer Philip Wan, and occupational therapist Katie Keppie will be eligible to test for Black Belt in twelve months time.

Grading Results 8th Feb 08
Not all candidates were successful, but our congratulations go to the following who were:
Irvin Dickinson              8th Kyu (not in pic)
Natasha Jackson         8th Kyu
Quillam Doe                  8th Kyu
Richard Swann             8th Kyu
Steph Dawson              8th Kyu
Andy McGuire                8th Kyu
Alison McNulty              7th Kyu
Ryan McFarlane           7th Kyu
Andrew French             5th Kyu


Grading Results 7th Dec 07
Congratulations to the following:
Connor, Blue 1 tab
Abigail, Orange
Megan & Lucy, Yellow



Recent Promotions
Congratulations on the following promotions under continuous assessment:
James Bennett: Purple 4th Kyu
Jo Hegg: Blue 5th Kyu
Andrew French, Jamie Currie: Green 6th Kyu
Brown Belt Grading Results
Many congratulations to the candidates who took  the grading test on Saturday October 27th 2008.
Successful at second kyu: Phil Wan & Katie Keppie
Successful at 3rd kyu: Jo Bennett
Congratulations also to Mike Pritchard who graded to 4th kyu purple belt under the continuous assessment scheme.
Grading Results July 07
Congratulations to the following who were promoted under the new "continuous assessment" process:
Yellow: Declan Sisson, Aidan Lavin, Elliot Sisson, Sarah Booth, Sam Armstrong, Aaron Slessor
Orange: William French, Tom Grundy, Daniel Earnshaw
Green: Sam Comer, James Dady, Joe Morgan, Noah Wright, Bill Yarwood, Chris King

9th July 2007
Andy Allwood (right) and Martyn Skipper (centre) receiving coaching awards from AMA Regional Assessor Peter Allen, 6th Dan
Our coaching award was mentioned in the Bolton Evening News (with a picture)  and in the Telegraph.

Grading Examination Saturday 28th April 07
, Edgworth
Congratulations to all those who were successful.
Results as follows:
Abi Conlon 8th Kyu Yellow Belt
Andrew French 7th Kyu Orange belt (double graded)
Julia Mangan 7th Kyu Orange Belt
Jo Hegg 6th Kyu Green Belt
Connor Pritchard 6th Kyu Green one tab
James Bennett 5th Kyu Blue Belt
Mike Pritchard 5th Kyu Blue Belt
Jo Bennett 4th Kyu Purple Belt
Katie Keppie 3rd Kyu Brown Belt one tab
Phil Wan 3rd Kyu Brown Belt one tab
Ian Marsden 1st Kyu Brown Belt three tabs


On 10th March 07 Martyn went before the AMA Technical Committee for his Fourth Dan Grading. After two previous unsuccessful attemps he passed on this occasion. He is pictured below with (l-r): fellow candidate Terry Rooke

(who passed Third Dan Shotokan); Peter Allen 6th Dan, AMA VP and National Squad Manager; Tom Hibbert MBE, AMA President; and Kevin Hamilton-Stewart, 6th Dan, AMA VP and Technical Director.



Andy Allwood Receives 5th Dan from AMA Technical Committee, November 2005


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