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The seventh Tower Shukokai Club Championships were held at Edgworth School on Sunday 18th January 2015


Click on pic above for slideshow, or see the event on Facebook Thanks to Richard Swann for the photos.



On Sunday Jan 18th 2015 Tower Shukokai Karate Club held its seventh annual Club Championships at Edgworth School.
Once again, members of Preston's Sanjo Karate Club, run by Sandra and John Carr, were invited. Additional guest competitors came from Lucie Marsh's Toshinkai club in Lytham. Despite the heavy snowfall the prior evening both teams managed to make the journey without too much delay.
The championships give an opportunity to experience competition for those who have little or no exposure to open competition, in a friendly and non-threatening environment. Competitors were matched on the day ensuring everyone got to compete in a fair contest against opponents of similar ability and experience. Both kata (solo performance of pre-arranged routines) and kumite (sparring for points) events were contested.
The kumite events were dominated by the home team, whereas the guests, both clubs from the Shotokan style, showed mastery of the kata events. Abigail Kehoe, 9 went one better than last year taking gold in the kumite, whilst Angus McIver retained his kumite title. In the older childrens's kumite, brothers Luke and Daniel Allwood - sons of Chief Instructor, Andy- met in the final. For the second year running, older brother Luke took the title.
Sophia Pilkington, 10, last year's girls champion met 11 year old black belt Jodie Carr in the final. Despite a spirited battle, the visitor's experience won through.
The Male Veteran Kumite final pitched brown belt Dr Richard Swann against second dan black belt Ian Marsden. The Edgworth GP's light footwork proved superior to Marsden's greater strength and experience.
Veteran Lucie Marsh from Lytham brought three young competitors with her. Between the four they took four kata medals including two golds. All the other kata golds went to Sanjo.
Referees for the day were Martyn Skipper, Andy Allwood and Matt Rathmill. Timekeeper/ scorer was Imogen Skipper, and medic was Richard Swann (although his services were not required). Other members of Tower Shukokai assisted with the running of the tournament.

All promised to return for the next event, scheduled for November or December.


6yrs Mixed Kumite       6-7 yrs Mixed Kata    
1 Thomas Holden Sanjo   1 Callum Ralton Toshinkai
2  Rebeka Timar Sanjo   2 Fizan Chowdry Toshinkai
        3= Matthew Holden Sanjo
        3=  Rebeka Timar Sanjo
Girls 9- Kumite       8-9 yrs Mixed Kata    
1 Abigail Kehoe Tower   1 Ami Draper Sanjo
2 Ami Draper Sanjo   2 Dominik Balint Sanjo
3 Amy Mc Dougall Tower   3= Fardean Chowdry Toshinkai
        3= Angus McIver Tower
Boys 9- Kumite       Female 14+ Kata    
1 Angus McIver Tower   1 Grace Nisbet Sanjo
2 Dominik Balint Sanjo   2 Jodie Carr Sanjo
3 Jake Ludwig Tower   3 Antonia Balint Sanjo
Boys 10+ Kumite       Boys 10+ Kata    
1 Luke Allwood Tower   1 Dillon Draper Sanjo
2 Daniel Allwood Tower   2 Matthew Stickley Sanjo
3= Dillon Draper Sanjo   3= Nathan Thompson Sanjo
3= Matthew Stickley Sanjo   3= Matthew Phuong Sanjo
Girls 10+ Kumite       Male Novice Kata    
1 Jodie Carr Sanjo   1 Kevin Stickley Sanjo
2 Sophia Pilkington Tower   2 Kien Phuong Sanjo
3= Grace Nisbet Sanjo   Mixed Veterans Kata    
3= Antonia Balint Sanjo   1 Lucie Marsh Toshinkai
Male Novice Kumite       2 Ian Marsden Tower
1 Kien Phuong Sanjo   3= Richard Swann Tower
2 Kevin Stickley Sanjo   3= Katie Keppie Tower
Female Veteran Kumite            
1 Lucie Marsh Toshinkai        
2 Katie Keppie Tower        
Male Veteran Kumite            
1 Richard Swann Tower        
2 Ian Marsden Tower        


Medal Table

 WTKO Preston                           789
 Tower Shukokai                                     455
 Toshinkai Lytham SKIF                                   311

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